Broken Moon

When Harley awakens to find himself locked in a cell, he wonders what his captors could possibly want with him. After all, he is hardly the kind of man to give up secrets, especially ones about the Order of Protection, the agency he has been loyal to, for most of his life.

Besides, he’s a shifter, and shifters never break.

Things go from bad to worse, when a new prisoner is thrown into the cell next to him, begging for her life. Harley knows he has to find a way out of this hell hole quickly, and make sure she is returned home safely, before it’s too late.

Harley might be the most wanted soldier in the shifter community, but the beautiful curvy woman in the cell next to him is the General’s daughter, and if he doesn’t figure something out soon, they’ll both be taken out. Tick, tock.

If you love riveting storytelling, sensual alpha shifters, and paranormal romance that never quits, then you’ll love Broken Moon.

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