Magic Blaze

Shifting Magic Book 3

The third book in this thrilling new series by New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Vale.

Kaye is no stranger to danger, nor is she afraid to roll up her sleeves and let her magic fly. Battling warlocks, goblins and vampires is nothing new, but when she returns to her beautiful magic world of Alfheim, all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Add to that, the fact that she’s in love with Darius, a dragon shifter, who is solely responsible for leading his clan of fierce dragon warriors, so her life is anything but simple.

And things are about to get a lot more complicated.

When the powerful duo come face to face with a legion of darkness that threatens to destroy both worlds, it’ll take all their magic and skill to survive, especially when they learn there’s more to the strange attacks than meets the eye. Such as the kidnapping of a certain fae by ruthless hybrid hunters who will stop at nothing to steal her powers.

What once made Kaye special, has now made her a target, and she’s about to walk right into their trap.

This book contains explicit language, violence, and content suitable for adults. It also features a fierce heroine, powerful dragon shifter and tons of colorful, otherworldly characters.

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